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French Countryside

French Countryside This was the scenery of my morning routine. The Jura Mountains are really pretty.
Ferney-Voltaire, France

Fragility and Strength

Fragility and Strength One of the days of the trip included a walk through the newest parte of the city. We visited the Broken Chair, in from of ONU’s office. The chair is a symbol of both fragility and strength. It has a deep meaning. Countries and the people have this two qualities. It represents the rights and dignity of people. The meaning of this piece of art was well illustrated that day by a group of Macedonians united to defend their cause.

Good Morning Jura!

Good Morning Jura! The hotel where I stayed was in France. I thing I liked the most was waking up and be able to see this majestic mountains from the window. It worth it just for the view (and the fun). During this travel I realized how much I love mountains as a background. I can’t describe how I felt walking around this places. The morning ritual of go walking on that peaceful country area, crossing the France/Switzerland border to go to the bus station to get to Geneva… Saudade. Talking about this makes me feel Rückkehrunruhe.

Le Rhône

Le Rhône The river crosses the city. Some places almost look like Venice. It’s amazing how clear the water is even with the city!


Antique I really loved to see the old Geneva. Really classy and all the building have a lot of detail!

Cathédrale de Saint Pierre

Cathédrale de Saint Pierre One of the icons of Geneva.

Welcome to Switzerland

Welcome to Switzerland This country has its own character. The architecture, the landscapes, the lifestyle…

Taking flight for the first time ✈

Hi there! Long time no see… So, I finally managed to get some time to share the photographs I took on February, during a trip to Switzerland. It was amazing and I really miss those days. I made good friends, saw some breathtaking views and… I saw CERN’s CMS right in front of me! I’m planning on posting on a kind of chronological order for the next days(or weeks). I’m starting with the plane travel. Nobody needs to know this pics were taken on the trip back home. Arctic Landscape It was the first time I flew and I enjoyed it a lot! Every single second was like a message to my eyes. Let me explain, blue is my favorite colour, so what could be better than being surrounded by a massive blue scenery!? Then, watching the mountains, the clouds and the cities bellow the plane was such an amazing sight! OK, Alps are a pretty cold place covered with snow, but this ain’t Antarctica… But this enormous cloudy “floor” looked just like a frozen land. It was so… pretty! (I guess I’ll be repeating thi…


Perception I’ve always considered the feline look one of the most beautiful scenes in the animal kingdom.
I looked for capturing the true nature of my cat, the detail of his fur and eyes.
I took the photograph in a relaxed environment, after playing with him to ensure a natural pose and behaviour. This shot went as I expected since the cat wasn’t looking at the camera. Unfortunately he passed away last month… He was a funny cat! RIP


Bee “According to the laws of aviation…” I found this one pollinating the flowers on my garden. I was able to take a picture with nice focus. However the bee wasn’t in the best position…


Mushroom I know. It’s an extremely original title. The weather is so wet in this season here in Portugal! There are mushrooms everywhere, with every kind of size, shape, colour…
This little one was on my backyard.


Yellow A bee on a yellow flower.

Autumn Morning at the Beach

Autumn Morning at the Beach Besides it was Autumn the weather was fine! The sky was cloudy and it was windy although the temperature was warm. It was a quite relaxing morning!
Faithful seagull I could not resist this moment! A seagull landed in Santa Rita’s head to watch the sea. What a sight! Seagull’s life There was a flock of seagulls bathing in the sea. I made this weird collage that resumes their free time. I found it interesting… idk

All the Clouds in the Sky

All the Clouds in the Sky Happy New Year! I’m starting my year sharing with you a panoramic picture I took last year! All the clouds in the sky looked just so fluffy and were so gigantic that I didn’t knew which ones should I photograph! So I decided to include all of them in a single picture. I really liked the light and the way the clouds casted shadows in the land.

Endless Lands

Endless Lands There’s a high place called Serra de Montejunto, in Alenquer/Cadaval. The highest point is 666 meters. I love going there and see all the villages and cities down there. There we are able to even see the sea and Berlengas (little islands next to Peniche) or Ponte 25 de Abril (Tejo). It is awesome watching the clouds shadows on the fields and the way the relief changes the light. It is a great place to get to know Oeste. You can locate a bunch of cities and places of interests. It is incredible having so many beautiful places in just one shot!

Marine Moonlight

Marine Moonlight In a summer night the moon spreads its silver light on the calm sea. Who else misses the warm summer nights? Praia de Porto Novo, Torres Vedras, Portugal


Sunwashed Cabo Carvoeiro, Peniche, Portugal

And Everything Resumes to This

And Everything Resumes to This After the sunset the world seems to turn off. We are involved by a sense of relief a calmness. The endless sea reflects the last colours of the sunset as the sky turns darker. That’s it. The sunset is the ending theme of our day, of all the obstacles we had to go through, of all the hard work… It’s funny how nature shows that things are easier when there’s serenity and harmony. A few rays of light, a few shadows. That’s what everything is about. It is the colours which we paint the world with that makes it complicated.


Original character by Tidsean.
I used a reference. I made this drawing with my own style and personal touch to it.
I do not own the character nor the original image. Graphite pencils (2H to 9B) on Canson paper


Carriage A classic carriage drawn by two paint horses. Óbidos – Portugal

Flower Wall

Flower Wall A traditional house covered by thousands of pink flowers. It looks really cute at live. The afternoon sun lit the roof of the house and gave this picture an interesting light at the top. Liked this post? Then follow for more, if you haven’t yet! If you’re already following, then consider joining me on TwitterGoogle+deviantART or YouPic! Also don’t forget to check this site for dozens of inspirational and breathtaking photographs!

Loads of Flowers

Loads of Flowers Flowers. Who doesn’t like the fragrant smell of them. Pink, red, yellow, white… Flowers bring everything to life.

Casa São Thiago do Castelo

Casa São Thiago do Castelo Guest House – Turismo de Habitação Óbidos – Portugal

Last Sunlight

Last Sunlight
The most peaceful moments happen before the Darkness comes.



Rocky Seaside

Rocky Seaside
An outstanding sunset with some rocks at the beach.

Waving Goodbye

Waving Goodbye A shot of the ending of an breathtaking sunset. This time I’ll start with the ending. I’ll be posting more pictures of this amazing sunset in the next days.