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Afternoon It gives me an awesome feeling being near the sea with the seaweed on the rocks reflecting the soft light of the setting sun. We are filled with peace, calm and beauty. Everything looks so perfect and unaware of the civilized world. The only sounds there were emitted by the waves and some seagulls that were passing by. It almost doesn’t feel like a few hours ago this place was crowded with people enjoying a day at the beach.

Enjoying the Sunset

Enjoying the Sunset A couple watching the sun going down at the beach. The sun light reflected in the walkway that guides you to the beach. Praia de Santa Rita – Torres Vedras – Portugal

Light and Joy

Light and Joy Spread the positive energy! Enjoy your day until the very last sunbeam!

Standing at Sunset


Firefly Night

Hello! I’m sharing a few pictures I took at a very peaceful and beautiful place in my hometown. Being in the middle of these shiny creatures is way more magical than showing the photographs, but I hope I can transmit you the feeling! It was a wonderful night!
Glow There were so many fireflies here! They flew around my feet and around my camera. It’s magical being surrounded by so many shiny creatures flashing with the yellow/green light.
Floral Fireflies In this place there were some yellow and purple flowers. The glow worms were flying around them creating a fantasy like scenario.

Fireflies Let the glow worms guide you in the dark.