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Caldas da Rainha



Afternoon It gives me an awesome feeling being near the sea with the seaweed on the rocks reflecting the soft light of the setting sun. We are filled with peace, calm and beauty. Everything looks so perfect and unaware of the civilized world. The only sounds there were emitted by the waves and some seagulls that were passing by. It almost doesn’t feel like a few hours ago this place was crowded with people enjoying a day at the beach.

Enjoying the Sunset

Enjoying the Sunset A couple watching the sun going down at the beach. The sun light reflected in the walkway that guides you to the beach. Praia de Santa Rita – Torres Vedras – Portugal

Light and Joy

Light and Joy Spread the positive energy! Enjoy your day until the very last sunbeam!

Standing at Sunset


Firefly Night

Hello! I’m sharing a few pictures I took at a very peaceful and beautiful place in my hometown. Being in the middle of these shiny creatures is way more magical than showing the photographs, but I hope I can transmit you the feeling! It was a wonderful night!
Glow There were so many fireflies here! They flew around my feet and around my camera. It’s magical being surrounded by so many shiny creatures flashing with the yellow/green light.
Floral Fireflies In this place there were some yellow and purple flowers. The glow worms were flying around them creating a fantasy like scenario.

Fireflies Let the glow worms guide you in the dark.


Two pine trees surrounded by fog. This trees looked like a couple watching the sunset.

Above the Gray

On the top of Serra de Montejunto we were higher than the clouds. Down on the village it was so foggy that we weren’t able to see anything. But above the clouds it was beautiful, warm and relaxing.

Low Clouds

This pictures were taken at Serra de Montejunto, Portugal. There were really low clouds which see from the top of the hill looked like fog. It was an amazing scenery.

I found this landscape very interesting. In the foreground, there are some rustic windmills while in the background we can see wind turbines. This is the evolution of windmills on a picture! From the most rural to the most modern. Our world is changing a lot.

Fog running through the hills. The light was soft and there was a gentle breeze which made the grass wave.

The sunset light painted the landscape with warm yellow tones.

At sunset, the clouds started to get close from the spot were I was. The top of the clouds was illuminated by the sun. It was like we had a massive ocean made of fog in front of us.

The sun shine bathing us with all its grace. Sometimes flares create interesting effect on the lenses.

A panoramic view of Montejunto.

Taking a Stroll

I’m posting here some photographs. These ones had been stored for a long time…

Autumn brings the most beautiful and warm colours and lights. The trees cast amazing shadows on the road. There were many brown and yellow leaves on the floor. Who doesn’t like that sound when we step a leaf?

This is what makes Autmumn one of my favourite seasons. Walk on this road and listen to the wind whispering through the trees and the valley…

Geese and seagul
A flock of geese on the river. But wait… What is that? Is it a seagul?

Nature can be really abstract. We just have to look to it with different eyes. Then, it reveals to us patterns, textures and melodies.

Where Water Turns to Gold

Where Water Turns to Gold

Torres Vedras – Portugal

The golden light overcame all the other colours on this sunset. Everything had grey tones except the sky and the water.

The waves wet the sand creating this beautiful reflection on the water which accentuated the colour.

Al Azif – Demonbane

Al Azif from Demonbane

I love her expression and her eyes. It transmits us so many feelings!

Graphite pencils drawing

Sayaka Shirakawa

Sayaka Shirakawa from Suika

This is one of my favourite drawings. I love that hat and the bow. Kawaii desu ne!! (●´ω`●)
Graphite pencils drawing

Amane Misa – Death Note

The kawaii Misa Amane with the Shinigami who gave his life protecting her – Gelus.

弥 海砂 – デスノート

Sunset in Porto Novo

Porto Novo, Maceira, Torres Vedras, Portugal


A beautiful moonset lighting up the sea of Porto Novo’s beach.
Torres Vedras – Portugal

Furukawa Nagisa – Clannad

Furukawa Nagisa – Clannad

古河渚 – クラナド

Graphite pencils drawing

Kaede Fuyou from Shuffle!

Kaede Fuyou – Shuffle!

芙蓉 楓 – シャッフル!

Graphite pencils drawing

She is the cutest charcter of the anime! I love her dress – simple but beautiful!

My Trip to Paris

Good morning everyone!
Last summer I made a trip to Paris, France.
There are some photographs which I took:
People show so much love to each other. Unfortunately, the bridges hate the weight of the love locks…

A lot of people come to Trocadéro to see the gorgeous Eiffel Tower.

An amazing picture of the Eiffel Tower with the moon. Two beautiful things. One was given by the nature. The other was built by the human.
A beautiful historic Catholic cathedral with a French Gothic style.

The magnificence of Notre-Dame lights this place with an holy sense.

A beautiful view over Paris, from the Eiffel Tower.

On the Eiffel Tower, you can see the whole city. If you look to North, La Défense a

Rin Chiyokawa - Amesarasa

This is my graphite drawing of Rin Chiyokawa from Amesarasa: Ame to Fushigi na Kimi ni Koi wo suru.

I adore her hair and her dress. It looks like she's being involved in magic and wind!

Hope you like it!

Feel free to comment! I love hear your opinions! :)