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Hi! I’m Carolina Pereira. I live in Portugal. I love to photograph, to draw, to write. I’m into science and technology, and I’m currently studying Computer Science and Engineering.
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French Countryside

French Countryside This was the scenery of my morning routine. The Jura Mountains are really pretty.
Ferney-Voltaire, France

Fragility and Strength

Fragility and Strength One of the days of the trip included a walk through the newest parte of the city. We visited the Broken Chair, in from of ONU’s office. The chair is a symbol of both fragility and strength. It has a deep meaning. Countries and the people have this two qualities. It represents the rights and dignity of people. The meaning of this piece of art was well illustrated that day by a group of Macedonians united to defend their cause.

Good Morning Jura!

Good Morning Jura! The hotel where I stayed was in France. I thing I liked the most was waking up and be able to see this majestic mountains from the window. It worth it just for the view (and the fun). During this travel I realized how much I love mountains as a background. I can’t describe how I felt walking around this places. The morning ritual of go walking on that peaceful country area, crossing the France/Switzerland border to go to the bus station to get to Geneva… Saudade. Talking about this makes me feel Rückkehrunruhe.

Le Rhône

Le Rhône The river crosses the city. Some places almost look like Venice. It’s amazing how clear the water is even with the city!